Yahoo for Yabbies

Yabbies are a sort of crayfish that lives in Australia. Their burrows are madein riverbanks and dams. When water is clear their shell colors range fromdark brown to dark blue to black. When the water is muddy or cloudy theircolors can be tan or greenish brown. They will migrate up to 37 miles to findnewContinue reading “Yahoo for Yabbies”

Ultra Umbrellabirds

As soon as I saw the goofy name of the umbrellabirds I knew that they had to be in the book. Umbrellabirds are found in Central and South American rain-forests. Despitetheir monochromatic black feathers, they are easily recognizable by theirumbrella shaped crest and long wattle. The wattle hanging down the front isinflatable and meant toContinue reading “Ultra Umbrellabirds”

Swell Salamanders

Salamanders are very pretty, very cool amphibians. There’s such variety in them and yet they’re all similar. I decided to include them mostly because I think they’re neat. There are many species of salamanders all over the world. All salamandersare amphibians. Some spend most of their lives on land, some switch betweenthe water and land,Continue reading “Swell Salamanders”

Rad Raccoons

Racoons are another animal that is often overlooked, but is really very cool when you look at them. That’s why I decided to use them for the letter R in this book. Raccoons are common sights in urban and forested areas. These animals arehighly adaptable and intelligent. They have a very strong sense of touch,Continue reading “Rad Raccoons”