February 3 update

I’ve started drawing those animals from the last blog update, starting with the coconut octopus. It was fairly easy to decide the positioning of the animal, because I roughed out the first pose, and loved it immediately. It had kind of a groggy look to it which I think makes it cuter. This animal willContinue reading “February 3 update”

January 20, 2023 update

This week I decided to take a step back and decide all the different animals I’m going to add to the book under the “skin” category. There are going to be four categories of animal for each color: hair, feathers, scales, and skin. Skin is the catch all for things that don’t fall into theContinue reading “January 20, 2023 update”

December 20 update – Oops

The Whitehead’s Broad-bill is the bird I chose for the green bird because of it’s highlighter green coloration, and goofy expression. It’s beak is covered in feathers and goes back almost to the eye, making this bird look very strange indeed. This bird was very fun to draw, which is good because I will haveContinue reading “December 20 update – Oops”

November 19 update

For my next animal I chose the Mexican Alligator Lizard. It is not related to alligators, but kinda looks like a tiny one. This drawing took a surprisingly long time to finish, and decide on the shading and pose. This animal stood out to me because some of the individuals are cyan, a color IContinue reading “November 19 update”

August 16 update

The next animal I’ve chosen is the Yellow Throated Marten. There are many mammals that have yellow in their names, but most of them are disappointingly brown. Not so with the Yellow-Throated Marten. It’s bright colors caught my eye. It is truly yellow. The Yellow-Throated Marten is native to Southeast Asia, and is an omnivore.Continue reading “August 16 update”

June 20 update!

I have decided to also include transparent animals as a part of the book. I have yet to figure out what I can do for furred or feathered clear creatures, but even if there aren’t any I can just do some more of the other types of clear animals to fill the page. This firstContinue reading “June 20 update!”