Yahoo for Yabbies

Yabbies are a sort of crayfish that lives in Australia. Their burrows are made
in riverbanks and dams. When water is clear their shell colors range from
dark brown to dark blue to black. When the water is muddy or cloudy their
colors can be tan or greenish brown. They will migrate up to 37 miles to find
new or better water! When temperatures drop or during drought, they
hibernate in their burrows. Yabbies are detrivores, meaning they eat dead or
decaying plants and animals. They mostly search for these at night, and sleep
during the day. Yabbies are a popular food, though hunting is limited because
they are listed as vulnerable. No hook is needed to catch them. People simply
tie meat to a string and they won’t let it go!


“Common Yabby.” Wikipedia, 20 Oct. 2020,
Accessed 30 Nov. 2020.

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