Fantastic Fireflies

Fireflies, sometimes called lightning bugs, can often be seen glowing by thehundreds in grassy fields on summer evenings. Most species feed on pollen,and glow various shades of yellow. Though rare, there are also blue andgreen fireflies. I learned about the green ones (called Photuris Fireflies) firsthand after an interesting experience I had as a kid.Continue reading “Fantastic Fireflies”

Excellent Earthworms

People don’t often think about earthworms, they’re such humble creatures we often overlook them, or dismiss them as gross. Which is a shame, because these little critters are amazing. I’ve always liked them, they’re so different than every other creature we see on a regular basis, and so important too. That’s why I decided toContinue reading “Excellent Earthworms”

Cool Cassowaries

Cassowaries are another animal that has captured my imagination ever since I first heard of them. So I knew they had to be included in the book as well. There is something about this dinosaur-like wild creature that is fascinating. Cassowaries are a keystone species in rain-forests in New Guinea and other nearby islands. TheyContinue reading “Cool Cassowaries”

Bombastic Bombardier Beetles

Ever since I was first introduced to these creatures by one of my teachers I’ve been fascinated by them. I knew that they had to be the animal for B right away, they may not be anywhere near the only animal that uses chemicals to defend themselves, but they are certainly the only animal thatContinue reading “Bombastic Bombardier Beetles”

The Awesome Albatross

I chose each animal in this book for a special reason, and what better animal to start off the journey through the book than the majestic bird known for long journeys: The albatross! The albatross is built for flying incredibly long distances. To save energy on the journey, they have mastered gliding on the wind.Continue reading “The Awesome Albatross”