June 27 update

Today I went on a bit of a rabbit trail. I started out looking for red amphibians and discovered a strange creature known as a Caecilian, which isn’t red but piqued my interest anyway based on how strange it was. It was as if God couldn’t decide whether to make a new snake or a new worm and ended up making something that was both and neither. It is actually a type of amphibian. It has a venomous bite, but no eyes or scales and burrows underground. It lives in Brazil. I excitedly showed it to my family because I didn’t know amphibians could be that shape, but was told it was too scary for a children’s book. If you don’t have a fear of worms or snakes you can find out more about these weird creatures here.

After that I decided to look at green creatures. I found the sloth for green fur (coming later) and the Green Anole for green scales. Ultimately these were cut, but for scales I also looked at Malachite and Dido butterflies, and Emerald Cories (fish). Another one coming later is possibly the Mexican Alligator Lizard. It is pretty much cyan in color, so I might be adding another page on this creatures account.

The Green Anole is the only species of Anole native to the united states. A healthy Anole is green, with a red dewlap on their chin that can kinda look like a strawberry. To communicate, they move their dewlaps and their heads around.

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