March 28 Book Update!

Naturally, The first place to begin when making a book like this is to choose the animals that will go into it! I don’t really do this in any particular order, I just find animals I like from each color and type. It’s a little bit slow working on this and also juggling two jobs,Continue reading “March 28 Book Update!”

How to Draw a Xenopus

The Xenopus, (also known as the African Clawed Frog), is the derpiest looking animal I’ve ever had the pleasure of drawing. It was a fun challenge to capture the permanent expression of oblivious happiness present on this creatures face. This is a rather forgiving drawing, so we don’t need to worry about measuring proportions likeContinue reading “How to Draw a Xenopus”

Swell Salamanders

Salamanders are very pretty, very cool amphibians. There’s such variety in them and yet they’re all similar. I decided to include them mostly because I think they’re neat. There are many species of salamanders all over the world. All salamandersare amphibians. Some spend most of their lives on land, some switch betweenthe water and land,Continue reading “Swell Salamanders”