How to draw a Tetra

Tetras are bright and beautiful fish. If you want to make your own school of them, here’s how to draw them! Step 1: First draw a curve however long you want the fish’s back to be. At the end you want to be the nose, curve sharply down. Step 2: Add a second curve onContinue reading “How to draw a Tetra”

Yahoo for Yabbies

Yabbies are a sort of crayfish that lives in Australia. Their burrows are madein riverbanks and dams. When water is clear their shell colors range fromdark brown to dark blue to black. When the water is muddy or cloudy theircolors can be tan or greenish brown. They will migrate up to 37 miles to findnewContinue reading “Yahoo for Yabbies”

Magnificent Manta Rays

Manta rays are amazing gentle giants in the ocean. One often thinks of whales when thinking of large creatures who eat plankton, but they are not the only ones who do that. Manta rays are cool and unique in their own manta ray way. There are two species of manta ray. Both are found inContinue reading “Magnificent Manta Rays”

Jolly Jellyfish

I chose Jellyfish because there really isn’t any other creature like them. They’re beautiful and unique, floating through the ocean. There may be many types of jellyfish, but they’re all beautiful and graceful. Jellyfish can be used to refer to any animal in the subphylum Medusozoabut “true jellyfish” all belong to the class Scyphozoa. ToContinue reading “Jolly Jellyfish”