Ultra Umbrellabirds

As soon as I saw the goofy name of the umbrellabirds I knew that they had to be in the book.

Umbrellabirds are found in Central and South American rain-forests. Despite
their monochromatic black feathers, they are easily recognizable by their
umbrella shaped crest and long wattle. The wattle hanging down the front is
inflatable and meant to amplify their booming calls. The male umbrellabirds
gather in groups and display their calls and wattles, competing for the
attention of the females. The females will then raise the chicks on their own.
They are not known for their good nest building skills as their nests are
flimsy. They mostly eat plants, but will eat lizards occasionally. Ultimately,
these umbrellabirds are unique!


“Umbrellabird.” Wikipedia, 13 Feb. 2020, en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Umbrellabird. Accessed 24 Nov. 2020.

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