Queenly Quetzals

There aren’t many animals that start with the letter Q, but all of them are pretty incredible. The options are quail, quokka (kwaa·kuh) , quoll (kwaal), and quetzal(kuht·saal, plural:kwet·zlz). To be honest it was a really hard decision. Quail is the one everyone thinks of first, so that one was out. Quolls are cool marsupials,Continue reading “Queenly Quetzals”

Precious Praying Mantises

For some reason, I’ve always found praying mantises to be rather cute, despite their threatening looking claws. Perhaps it is because they act like they think they’re tough but really aren’t. Their claws aren’t really anything more than hands, and they use them to hold prey not kill it. In addition, they are one ofContinue reading “Precious Praying Mantises”

Out of this World Okapis

I knew from the very beginning that this animal had to be in the book. When I was young I loved horses and similar looking animals like most girls do. My family would often visit the zoo, and there was an okapi exhibit. I quickly decided that this purple zebra-horse-giraffe thing was my favorite animalContinue reading “Out of this World Okapis”

Neat Nightingales

Nightingales are a prime example of the old saying “don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” Slightly larger than the average robin, the nightingale’s plain brown plumage doesn’t make it a particularly eye catching bird. While they don’t have anything physically to make them stand out among birds, they are famous for their melodious songs.Continue reading “Neat Nightingales”

Magnificent Manta Rays

Manta rays are amazing gentle giants in the ocean. One often thinks of whales when thinking of large creatures who eat plankton, but they are not the only ones who do that. Manta rays are cool and unique in their own manta ray way. There are two species of manta ray. Both are found inContinue reading “Magnificent Manta Rays”

Legendary Lacewings

Lacewings are often overlooked for dragonflies and butterflies, but though they are smaller I think they are just as pretty and helpful as these two more popular insects. Their wings are clear and veined, often iridescent, looking like a shimmery net floating above the insect. Lacewings eat different things during different stages of their lifeContinue reading “Legendary Lacewings”

Kingly Komodo Dragons

When I first heard about komodo dragons as a young kid, the most exciting part of the creature was the name. “A real dragon?!” I thought. One might think that with that expectation the real thing might have been a disappointment, but the real thing is every but as scary and awesome as a dragonContinue reading “Kingly Komodo Dragons”

Jolly Jellyfish

I chose Jellyfish because there really isn’t any other creature like them. They’re beautiful and unique, floating through the ocean. There may be many types of jellyfish, but they’re all beautiful and graceful. Jellyfish can be used to refer to any animal in the subphylum Medusozoabut “true jellyfish” all belong to the class Scyphozoa. ToContinue reading “Jolly Jellyfish”

Hip Honey-badgers

When I first decided I’d use the honey badger for this book, I chose it because of it’s unique relationship with the honey-guide bird. However, when I researched it to learn more, I got a pleasant surprise! The honey-badger is quite the fascinating animal! It is not a honey specialist as it’s name suggests, insteadContinue reading “Hip Honey-badgers”