August 16 update

The next animal I’ve chosen is the Yellow Throated Marten. There are many mammals that have yellow in their names, but most of them are disappointingly brown. Not so with the Yellow-Throated Marten. It’s bright colors caught my eye. It is truly yellow.

The Yellow-Throated Marten is native to Southeast Asia, and is an omnivore. I was amazed by it’s hunting habits. It mostly eats mice, eggs, snakes, and birds, as well as fruit and nectar, which is common for martins. However it is somewhat famous for its opportunistic hunting style, and it will take down larger prey that is injured and unable to flee, including Pandas and Musk Deer. In the winter it will drive deer out onto frozen lakes, where the deer falls through the ice and cannot flee. They have no natural predators and no fear.

When drawing this it was fairly simple, the body type is quite similar to the weasel, which is featured on the cover and on the “W” page of my previous book. They have a bristlier tail, and are bright yellow, but I had to be careful not to make them look too similar to the weasel. I tried two poses from the sides, but they took up too much room and I wasn’t going to have room for a poem if I used them. The one of the martin sitting had such a pretty feel to it. The standing one has it’s tongue out because I saw a picture of a family of martins and one of them was standing in the background with it’s tongue out and such a goofy expression that I just had to have this one have it’s tongue out to get a similar emotion.

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