February 3 update

I’ve started drawing those animals from the last blog update, starting with the coconut octopus. It was fairly easy to decide the positioning of the animal, because I roughed out the first pose, and loved it immediately. It had kind of a groggy look to it which I think makes it cuter. This animal willContinue reading “February 3 update”

December 20 update – Oops

The Whitehead’s Broad-bill is the bird I chose for the green bird because of it’s highlighter green coloration, and goofy expression. It’s beak is covered in feathers and goes back almost to the eye, making this bird look very strange indeed. This bird was very fun to draw, which is good because I will haveContinue reading “December 20 update – Oops”

June 20 update!

I have decided to also include transparent animals as a part of the book. I have yet to figure out what I can do for furred or feathered clear creatures, but even if there aren’t any I can just do some more of the other types of clear animals to fill the page. This firstContinue reading “June 20 update!”

April 11 Book Update

The next animal in this book is the paradise rifflebird! I chose this for the black colored bird because it is the one of the darkest black birds there is! It’s feathers are a shade of black known as Vantablack. The superb birds-of-paradise technically have more vantablack on them, but they are so weird lookingContinue reading “April 11 Book Update”

April 4 Book Update

I decided to get some of the more difficult animals out of the way first, So I set out to find a blue mammal. I found nothing with blue fur, however two species of monkey have blue on their faces: mandrills and golden snub-nosed monkeys. The golden snub-nosed monkey has an extremely blue face inContinue reading “April 4 Book Update”

March 28 Book Update!

Naturally, The first place to begin when making a book like this is to choose the animals that will go into it! I don’t really do this in any particular order, I just find animals I like from each color and type. It’s a little bit slow working on this and also juggling two jobs,Continue reading “March 28 Book Update!”