June 20 update!

I have decided to also include transparent animals as a part of the book. I have yet to figure out what I can do for furred or feathered clear creatures, but even if there aren’t any I can just do some more of the other types of clear animals to fill the page. This first clear animal I’m doing is the Cystisoma shrimp. I can already tell I’m not gonna use that name in the poem itself but only in the title because that is a lot of syllables. What’s interesting about this shrimp is that it is entirely see through. Because it is so see through, it is able to have about 1/3rd of its body function as an eye, which it uses to spot the shadows of prey while keeping itself safe by not casting a shadow itself. The orange spot functions as the retina, and picks up light. It lives in the twilight zone of the ocean, where there is some light but not much. They are very hard to see in the water, and it’s hard to get a sense of scale in the ocean, so I elected to have the shrimp sitting in someones hand to solve both these problems.

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