January 20, 2023 update

This week I decided to take a step back and decide all the different animals I’m going to add to the book under the “skin” category. There are going to be four categories of animal for each color: hair, feathers, scales, and skin. Skin is the catch all for things that don’t fall into the other categories, however it is second only to fur in difficulty of finding animals. here’s the list of animals planned to be included in the next book so far:

BlackBlack Rain FrogParadise Rifle-bird
WhiteBeluga Whale
PinkOrchid MantisFairy Armadillo
RedCoconut OctopusCardinal Sockeye Salmon
OrangeEastern Newt
YellowGolden Poison Dart FrogYellow-Throated Marten
GreenSheep Leaf Sea SlugWhitehead’s Broad-billGreen AnoleSloth
CyanZimmerman’s poison frogMexican Alligator LizardBrazilian Jeweled Tarantula
BlueBlue CrabGolden Snub-Nosed Monkey
PurpleViolet Sea SnailIndian Giant Squirrel
BrownNorthwestern Salamander
TanHorned Marsupial Frog
RainbowMantis ShrimpRing-Necked PheasantGuenon or Mandril (Undecided)
ClearCystisoma Shrimp

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