December 20 update – Oops

The Whitehead’s Broad-bill is the bird I chose for the green bird because of it’s highlighter green coloration, and goofy expression. It’s beak is covered in feathers and goes back almost to the eye, making this bird look very strange indeed. This bird was very fun to draw, which is good because I will have to do so again because of file formatting issues. I accidentally saved the finished drawing as a .jpeg, which loses some of the color and more importantly the ability to use the layers. At this point it is easier to restart from the rough sketch above than to restore the below image to a .tiff format.

Fortunately I still have the rough sketch as a .tiff to go off of. I guess I have learned to always always double check the file type when saving to prevent important data from being lost. I want to add a background behind the bird so it matches the other drawings and gives a sense of the habitat of this bird.

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