How to draw a Honey-Badger

Honey-badgers look a little bit different from actual badgers. Here’s how to draw a honey badger for our little honey-guide friend we drew last week! Step 1 Draw a circle, make sure you know the length of the diameter as we will be using it to determine the sizes of everything else. We will callContinue reading “How to draw a Honey-Badger”

How to draw a honey-guide

Honey guide and honey badgers are one of the most famous symbiotic pairs in nature. Next week we’ll learn how to draw a honey-badger, but first let’s draw his friend, Honeyguide! Step 1: Draw a circle. Make sure you know the diameter, we’ll call that 1 unit. Step 2: Touching the first circle draw anotherContinue reading “How to draw a honey-guide”

How to draw a Firefly

Whether you call them fireflies or lightning bugs, these insects are amazing. I loved drawing this page in the book because I got to play with lighting a lot. Fireflies are interesting to draw realistically, because if I drew them flying with their legs in the position they are when they actually fly, it looksContinue reading “How to draw a Firefly”