How to Draw a Baby Cassowary

Next is the cassowary. The babies are quite different from the adults and very fun to draw, so I decided to show how to draw the babies first. They’re fairly easy, so let’s begin.

Step 1:

First draw two circles, one a little bigger than the other, and connect them. Basically draw a peanut shape.

Step 2:

Draw a v in the front of the head for the beak, and a circle for the eye.

Step 3:

Connect the head to the tips of the v, and draw a line from the tip of the top beak to partway down the lower beak to complete the beak.

Step 4:

Draw the legs by drawing circles where the knee and heel will be, then connecting them and adding a short foot at the end. Remember the knee bends backwards, and is halfway between the heel and the hip.

Step 5:

Now we erase the extra lines and clean up any messiness.

Step 6:

Next we add the markings. Baby cassowaries have a marking around thier eye that extends over the beak, draw a curve around the eye and connect it to the beak and the top of the head. They also have stripes down their bodies, which are slightly “S” or teardrop shaped.

Step 7:

For coloring the babies are yellow, tan, and brown. The markings look like so:

So that’s how you draw a baby cassowary just like the one hanging out with his family in the book!

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