How to draw a Honey-Badger

Honey-badgers look a little bit different from actual badgers. Here’s how to draw a honey badger for our little honey-guide friend we drew last week!

Step 1

Draw a circle, make sure you know the length of the diameter as we will be using it to determine the sizes of everything else. We will call the diameter 1 unit.

Step 2

Starting 1/6th of a unit inside the first circle, draw a circle with 7/8ths of a unit diameter.

Step 3

Above those two circles, make the head with a 1/2 unit circle.

Step 4

Connect the head and body circles. At the top of the head draw a 3/8th unit long line to make the top of the nose.

Step 5

At the bottom of the head, draw a point for the lower jaw, and draw a line from the top of the nose to almost touching the lower jaw. Draw each foot and the tail by connecting a curve to the circles of the body. The lifted foot should be 5/8ths units long, the front and back legs that are on the ground should both be 1/2 unit long. The tail should be 2/3 units long.

Step 6

Draw five claws on each of the front paws. At the tip of the nose draw a curved line with a dot at the end to make a nose. Below that draw a slanted up line at the end of the upper jaw to create a tooth. At the edge of the head circle draw a slanted line to start the eye and give it it’s typical sleepy look.

Step 7

Connect the tooth to the end of the mouth to complete the mouth. Draw a half circle under the eyelid. for the ear draw a C in the middle of the head.

Step 8

Erase all interior lines except for the ones that show where the legs are.

Step 9

While coloring the honey badger it is important to note that they have fuzzy fur. The back us tan, there is a white stripe between the tan and the rest of the body, and the rest is black. The ear is pink and the claws are white.

Step 10

Add shading and some shine in the eye.

So that’s how you draw a honey-badger!

This page was one that actually had the most re-drafts our of any of the drawings in the book, as I was having trouble deciding what the honey badger would be doing. Eventually I decided based on the poem to have him raiding a beehive in a tree trunk with a honey-guide.

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