May 17 Update

As the heat has picked up so has work, so I haven’t gotten the chance to work on this project for awhile. I’ve finally gotten the chance to do a little bit more on the project, so here’s what’s next. For the red bird I chose the cardinal. I’m partial to this bird because it was the first bird whose song I learned well enough to get them to call back at me when I whistled at them. They’re also one of the few birds who are red in both male and female versions (albeit the males are significantly brighter). They can often be found calling away at the top of pine trees here in Midwest America, and are a common sight at winter bird-feeders! They’re even the state bird of Illinois! I always think of home when I see or hear them.

This was a joy to draw. It didn’t take many takes. The reason I’ve shown them on a pine branch is that they are quite striking on it and also that seems to be where one spots them most frequently when bird-watching.

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