April 4 Book Update

I decided to get some of the more difficult animals out of the way first, So I set out to find a blue mammal. I found nothing with blue fur, however two species of monkey have blue on their faces: mandrills and golden snub-nosed monkeys. The golden snub-nosed monkey has an extremely blue face in addition to being very interesting, and so I chose it! One does not normally think of monkeys playing in the snow or living in the mountains, but these monkeys live in the mountain forests of china where it snows in the winter. They have the snubbed noses that gave them their name in order to prevent frostbite.

This creature took many tries to draw. As you can see the face drafts were quite frankly terrifying until I got the hang of it. I thought that because their faces were flat, I would have to use the sort of methods one uses to draw human heads (For humans: draw a circle for the head, draw two lines straight down from the widest parts, then a V shape connecting those lines to make the chin. Then make a + that divides the face into quarters. The eyes go on the horizontal line, the nose does too but dips a bit lower, and the mouth halfway between the horizontal line and the chin. Alternately, for most animals: Draw a circle for the head, then a second circle for the snout. The further the snout sticks out, the less it overlaps with the head. The nose goes at the top of the snout and the mouth takes up the rest. The eyes are above the snout.) Turns out; even though these monkeys faces are flat, they have the same facial proportions as a regular monkey. The only difference is the snout circle only sticks out of the head circle a tiny bit. That made it much easier to put the nose and mouth at the right place in the right size, and make them cute like in real life instead of uncanny.

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