Jolly Jellyfish

I chose Jellyfish because there really isn’t any other creature like them. They’re beautiful and unique, floating through the ocean. There may be many types of jellyfish, but they’re all beautiful and graceful. Jellyfish can be used to refer to any animal in the subphylum Medusozoabut “true jellyfish” all belong to the class Scyphozoa. ToContinue reading “Jolly Jellyfish”

Fantastic Fireflies

Fireflies, sometimes called lightning bugs, can often be seen glowing by thehundreds in grassy fields on summer evenings. Most species feed on pollen,and glow various shades of yellow. Though rare, there are also blue andgreen fireflies. I learned about the green ones (called Photuris Fireflies) firsthand after an interesting experience I had as a kid.Continue reading “Fantastic Fireflies”