Jolly Jellyfish

I chose Jellyfish because there really isn’t any other creature like them. They’re beautiful and unique, floating through the ocean. There may be many types of jellyfish, but they’re all beautiful and graceful.

Jellyfish can be used to refer to any animal in the subphylum Medusozoa
but “true jellyfish” all belong to the class Scyphozoa. To be fair, that’s still
a lot of species. Jellyfish come in all colors and sizes, and all of them are
beautiful. They are found near coasts all over the world! All true
Scyphozoa jellyfish live in saltwater, but there are other species of
“freshwater jellyfish” that exist in parts of the world. Several species of
jellyfish produce bioluminescent proteins that glow in the dark. All of them
have round bells for their heads and stinging tentacles that they use to
capture their food


. “Jellyfish.” Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation, 21 Feb. 2019,

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