Cool Cassowaries

Cassowaries are another animal that has captured my imagination ever since I first heard of them. So I knew they had to be included in the book as well. There is something about this dinosaur-like wild creature that is fascinating.

Cassowaries are a keystone species in rain-forests in New Guinea and other nearby islands. They are often called “dinosaur birds” because their skeleton is similar to that of a velociraptor. While they hunt opportunistically, the cassowary is actually an omnivore and plays a major role in the dispersal of seeds. During mating they make a drumming call to mark their territory. Cassowaries are very territorial, even attacking humans who get too close. One of the most dangerous traits of this bird is it’s dagger-like second claw, which it uses as a weapon. They can run up to 50 mph, swim, and even kick down small trees. This is truly a wild bird

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