Excellent Earthworms

People don’t often think about earthworms, they’re such humble creatures we often overlook them, or dismiss them as gross. Which is a shame, because these little critters are amazing. I’ve always liked them, they’re so different than every other creature we see on a regular basis, and so important too. That’s why I decided to put them in this book!

Earthworms are important to soil health in many ways. They create a fertile
mixture of dead plants and soil called humus. Earthworms have no teeth, and
so they eat dirt and sand to grind food in the gizzard. By creating burrows
they mix and aerate the soil. Earthworm bodies are divided into segments
and they move by expanding and contracting these segments in waves along
their body. Most can regenerate damaged or missing segments, but it
depends on the species how much they can regenerate. Some can regenerate
two worms from being cut in half. These soil creatures are vital and
fascinating parts of our world.


“Earthworm.” Wikipedia, 25 June 2020, en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Earthworm.

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