How to draw a Jellyfish

The jellyfish is a fairly simple shape, and there’s a lot of room for error in this one. However, it’s still fun to draw. Here’s how to draw a Moon-jelly like the one featured in the book:

Step: 1

Draw an oval.

Step: 2

Draw a half circle over the oval

Step: 3

On one side of the center, draw a squiggly line down. On the other side, draw another squiggly line that mirrors the first. Make sure they meet at a point at the end.

Step: 4

Erase the line inside the middle tentacle. Partially erase the lines in the dome, so they are still visible but faded.

Step: 5

Draw two egg shapes on either side of the tentacle.

Step: 6

Now we draw the back of the jellyfish. Draw a curve behind the tentacle on one side and another egg further to the edge on the other.

Step: 7

Draw a bunch of short lines straight down all along the oval at the bottom of the dome. Then draw curves inwards for the longer tentacles. Make sure the ones in back are shorter than the ones in front.

Step: 8

Draw a light purple all along the back of the dome, and pink within the rear egg shapes. The color should be transparent, but less so near the edges.

Step: 9

Fill the middle tentacle with various shades of orange dots. Some dots should stick outside the lines.

Step: 10

Add another layer of purple in the front part of the dome. The front egg shapes should be pink.

Step: 11

Lastly you add the shading.

So that’s how you draw a Jellyfish!

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