How to draw a Weasel

Weasels are beautiful animals. There’s a reason I chose this animal to be the cover of the book! If you’d like to draw one of your own, here’s how!

Step 1:

Draw a circle. Make sure you know the diameter of this circle, we will call this length one unit. Make another one unit diameter circle 1/2 unit below the first one.

Step 2:

3/8ths above the top circle, lined up so that the left edge lines up with the left edge of the other two circles, draw a circle with a 5/8ths of a unit diameter.

Step 3:

Draw the ears with a curve. Both ears should peak at about 1/8th of a unit above the top of the head. The left ear should be a little bit more than 1/8th wide and connect to the side of the head. The right ear should be a little bit wider than the left and come down 1/8th of a unit away from the right side of the head, going past and connecting to the shoulders.

Step 4:

Draw a curve that connects to the ears and touches the head. To start the chin, draw a curve that is soft on the edges and sharp in the middle from the bottom of the head circle to the bottom of the ear. At the bottom of the head, the curve should not be a tangent.

Step 5:

Draw a line that continues the chin from where it intersects with the head, till it meets the edge of the circle again. Connect the hips and shoulders, and draw a curve from the bottom of the chin connected to the shoulders.

Step 6:

Inside the shoulders, draw a pair of curves mostly parallel to the edges of the circle, then connect them to the edge of the circle with a half circle. They should make an S and backwards S with a really big top and small bottom. Around the hips, draw a pair of bumps to make the haunches.

Step 7:

At the base of these two bumps, draw a pair of trapezoids.

Draw a curved triangle on the edge of the head circle in the center of the chin to make the nose. Draw a Y in each ear. Draw a bushy tail approximately two and a half units long, basically by scribbling neatly as you make a tail shape, scribble more near the tip, less near the base.

Step 8:

Step 9:

Erase the circles where they are not used in the arms/outline.

Step 10:

Draw two lines perpendicular to the base of each of the paws. Extend the inner part of the left haunch into the body just a little bit. Draw two 1/8th unit diameter half circles 1/4th of a unit away from each other in the face to make the eyes.

Step 11:

A) Draw curves under the eyes to complete them.

B) Now we begin to make the markings. It doesn’t look good to outline these in black when you color everything, so if you plan to color your weasel; switch to drawing new lines with a tan color from now on. Draw two lines from the corners of the nose to the edges of the face.ake sure you leave a little room between them and the eyes. Between the eyes, and a little closer to them but still not touching, draw two lines that stop near the top of the eyes.

Step 12:

Draw a pair of curves from the open ends of the lines between the eyes to the bases of the outer lines, that go around the eyes.

Step 13:

Draw a curve over the face markings, that comes straight down a little to the right of the end of the chin. Connect the curve to the right arm. Connect a second curve from the chin to the left arm. These two mirrored curves start the lines of the belly, and will continue to be mirrored on the way down. Where these lines end, create an imaginary or very light/easily erasable line that curves out tangent to the arms. Below the arms continue the curve so that the mirrored lines create a bulge in the middle of the weasel. Pinch the lines closer together again in the waist area, and end the mirrored lines with a final bulge in the haunches.

Step 14:

Now to fill in the color. Fill inside the tan lines with tan. Outside those lines, use a reddish brown. Make that reddish brown pinker inside the ears (second color from top for ears, third from top for fur if you’re going by the color swatches.) Take a dark brown and color the eyes, nose, tip of the tail, and feet with it.

Step 15:

Add shading.

So that’s how you draw a Weasel!

I’m proud of every page in this book, but if I had to pick a page I was most proud of, it would be this one. The unique challenge of this one was to convey different seasons while staying a cohesive two page spread. So one page is winter, and the other summer. But as you get closer to the center, the snow starts to melt and show grass on the winter page, and on the summer page the leaves change to fall colors and the grass gets muddy like in the spring, so they bleed into one another seamlessly. It was a tough choice between these guys and the xenopus to be the cover of the book. The xenopus is quirky and the weasel is stunningly beautiful, neither of them are animals that you’d necessarily think of right away when thinking of animals in an ABC book. Either of them would have made excellent faces for this book of unusual animals. I ended up breaking the tie and going with the weasel because is possible to fit the title and other information on the page with it in a pretty and readable way, and I could show off the work I did on the background in a different way as it wrapped around the binding. While the cover and the weasel page are very similar in layout, there are actually a few differences between the two pictures. For example; I widened the center on the cover so the binding would be entirely fall/spring, changed the flowers, and only the page has the hidden letter.

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