How to draw a Lacewing

Lacewings are named for their beautiful lacy wings, and no wonder. They are fairly easy to draw, even the delicate wings. So, without further Ado, here is how to draw a Lacewing.

Step 1

Draw two circles of the same size, slightly overlapping. Make sure you know the length of the diameter, we will call this length 1 unit.

Step 2

Next, We draw a third circle two units away from one of the first circles. Connect them with parallel curved lines.

Step 3:

Next, draw a curve under the body to give the thorax some weight. After that, draw a 5/8th diameter circle at the bottom of the head to form an eye. In front of that, draw a very shallow v across the front of the face to form a nose. At the base of the nose, draw a curve that matches the first eye to make the second. Behind that, draw a curve connecting the head and the back, and another curve below that to form the back plate. The back plate should be 1/2 unit wide.

Step 4

Erase the extra lines.

Step 5

Draw three circles evenly along the bottom of the thorax, each with a 1/5th unit diameter.

Step 6

Draw a leg off of each circle, Each a v shape with a joint halfway through. Behind them, draw the blade of grass or stem it is landed on. Then, on the front circle, draw the far front leg extending behind the stem.

Step 7

Erase the end of the back plate and any lines inside the legs or behind the body.

Step 8

Draw a line two units back from the center of the back plate, and a line from the edge of the plate to the front of the rear leg.

Step 9

Draw two half circles starting from the top to continue the wings. The base of one of the half circles should be 1/4 unit away from the base of the abdomen, and the second half circle ends 1/4 unit below that.

Step 10:

Complete the wings by drawing lines forward to connect to the base of the wing and behind the body. Between the eyes we will draw a pair of slightly curved lines to make the antanae. At the ends of those lines we will draw a series of short lines coming off the first lines to give it a feathery look.

Step 11:

Color the body green. Color the eyes a dark grey, but not quite black.

Step 12:

With white, draw 4 curves on the wings. Two starting near the base and ending sooner, while the other two start about a quarter of the way down the wing and end nearer to the tip.

Step 13:

Fill the areas above the center two lines with irregular pentagons and triangles. Every shape should have either three or five sides. Add a triangle at the tip of the top line.

Step 14:

Fill in the rest of the wings with lines.

Step 15:

Up and two the right of every white line, draw a yellow line. Also draw a yellow line along the inside of the wing outline. The yellow should never cover the white.

Step 16:

Draw a pink line along every yellow line. Then draw a cyan line along every pink one.

Step 20:

Lighten the wings.

Step 21:

Add shading.

So that’s how you draw a lacewing!

This was a fun one to draw for the book because of the shimmery effect.

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